about ministry of Urban Development and Housing

Sadat Mansoor Naderi was born in Kabul on 3 March 1977 to a spiritual family. His father Sayed Mansur Naderi is the religious leader of the Afghan Ismaili community.


Sadat Naderi’s early school years were spent in Afghanistan up to 6th grade. In 1988, at the age of twelve, he relocated to the UK to continue his academic path. He attained his GCSE’s at Whitmore High School in Harrow near his home. He then went on to study a GNVQ Advance Diploma in Business and Finance at Harrow Weald College in London. Sadat Naderi graduated with a First Class BA Honours Degree in International Business and Economics at North London University in 1999.

SMN in Business

Two years after the fall of the Taliban, Sadat Naderi returned to his home country Afghanistan in 2003. He invested in different sectors such as fuel distribution, retail distribution, insurance, construction, mining and leasing. Naderi established Sadaf Petroleum in 2005, whose core business activities involve supplying fuel to both the private and public sector. Company clients include the US Army, Afghan Army, Afghan National Police, telecom companies and embassies among others. Noticing a huge gap in the market, in 2007 Naderi established Insurance Corporation of Afghanistan (ICA), which was to be the first privately owned insurance company in Afghanistan working closely with A+ rated syndicate Lloyds of London. In 2008, Naderi later set up the Finest Superstore which was soon to be a famous well-known brand in Kabul city. His vision was to bring high quality products to the middle and higher end market which became very popular among Afghans, as well as expatriates in Kabul.

SMN in Politics

Naderi’s family has a political background. His father, Sayed Mansur Naderi is the leader of the Afghan Ismaili sect and also a Member of Afghan Parliament. His younger sister Farkhunda Zahra Naderi , as well as his cousin, Dawood Naderi are also serving Afghan Parliamentarians. Sayed Jafar Naderi, Sadat's elder brother was the Governor of Baghlan province in 1990s. He now serves as the security advisor for Abdul Rashid Dostum, First Vice for Afghan President Ashraf Ghazni Ahmadzai. Sadat Naderi was introduced as the nominee for the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, but was later rejected by the Parliamentary Assembly due to his second citizenship status. After renouncing his British citizenship later that month, Sadat Naderi was again introduced as the nominee for Minister of Urban Development by the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai on March 21, 2015. On April 18 2015, Sadat Naderi was elected as the Minister of Urban Development. He obtained 202 votes of confidence out of 239 from the Afghan parliamentary assembly. This result has been the highest vote achieved by any Minister nominee since the Afghan nation’s 2004 constitution was adopted. On April 22 2015, Honourable Minister Sadat Naderi assumed Office.


Sadat Mansoor Naderi was officially awarded the Peace through Commerce award for 2012 by the United States Department of Commerce in Dubai.